Foreigner And Styx Tour Bus Catches Fire

Two touring buses for Foreigner and Styx caught fire at a parking lot facility in Philadelphia earlier this week. A publicist for Styx says that "everyone's ok:"

"No one was hurt and there's no cause determined yet. It's a Styx crew bus that caught on fire. All the buses for the Soundtrack of Summer tour are parked in a secure parking lot in downtown Philadelphia."

The fire completely engulfed one of the buses and spread to the accompanying bus. Firefighters eventually landed on the scene to control the blaze. The two bands are currently on their joint Soundtrack of Summer tour.

"We're thankful everyone's ok, and can now officially say the Soundtrack of Summer Tour is on fire," joked Foreigner manager Phil Carson.

The bands next play today at Camden, NJ's Susquehanna Bank Center.

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