Lee Ann Womack Sings At Maya Angelou's Memorial Service

Lee Ann Womack paid tribute to Maya Angelou at the late poet's memorial service on Saturday. Womack performed her song "I Hope You Dance" at the service for Angelou, who was a vocal fan of country music and who was also an admirer of Womack.

Womack told Rolling Stone of being asked to perform one of Angelou's favorite songs: "Maya Angelou is one of the true modern American voices in literature. Her books have touched so many, and the fact that my song touched her . . . Well, you can't say 'no.' I couldn't imagine not singing it for her."

Womack, who met Angelou once, added: "When someone told me 'I Hope You Dance' was Miss Angelou's favorite song all those years ago, I thought they were being nice. Then when my publicist was trying to get me on Oprah, suddenly, all the momentum changed . . . and we found out it was because Maya Angelou told Oprah about me and the song."

Angelou died on May 28. Her memorial service was held at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C.

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