ABBA's Frida Lyngstad Says 'Eminem Is One Of My Favourites'

ABBA singer Frida Lyngstad revealed that Eminem is one of her favorite artists.

"Punk never got into my heart. You hear the anger now in rap, for example, but it's different and I like that very much. Eminem is one of my favourites," Lyngstad said in a new interview with the Guardian.

Elsewhere in the interview, the band spoke about their lack of drug use, and spoke about their early days, a time when they felt like outsiders.

"Coming from Sweden, we were always regarded as outsiders, we were never part of that scene," said songwriter Bjorn Ulvaeus.

"I recently read Graham Nash's [of Crosby, Stills & Nash] Wild Tales," Lyngstad added. "And to compare the lives we led and the music we wrote and the tours we did to that, it's just so totally apart from that scene, but it was a very interesting book. He really writes openly about drugs - all kind of drugs - and I suppose that was the environment there and then. But we didn't live in it."

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