Martina McBride Streams New Album Everlasting Online

Martina McBride has teamed with Billboard to give fans an advance listen to her new album Everlasting.

Everlasting is a collection of covers of soul and R&B songs. It's her first full covers album since 2005's Timeless, though the singer admits she approached things a bit differently this time around.

"I was really faithful to the originals on Timeless - maybe to a fault, looking back with some perspective," she told Billboard.

"Those songs I had grown up with and were so sacred to me that I felt so reverent toward them, that I don't know I had the confidence to do my own thing with them. Where on this record, having grown as an artist, I felt that it was important to not recreate the song so faithfully that it was a karaoke record. I wanted to be reverent toward the original, but also have my own spin on it."

Everlasting hits April 8.

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