Andy Summers Says A New Police Album Would Have Been 'Amazing'

Andy Summers, long time guitarist for the Police, spoke with Something Else Reviews on the band's aborted reunion, saying that the group had the chance to make something "amazing" but missed out:

"That sure would have been great. I'm sure it's what a lot of people wished for, but that wasn't going to happen," he began.

"It would have been amazing. But I certainly don't think Sting would have been up for doing something like that - to be blunt. So, in a way, getting on and doing this, I liked that thought."

Without the Police reunion happening, Summers went ahead and formed his own group, Circa Zero with vocalist Rob Giles, for whom he had high praise:

"I was working with a number of singers, and I was enjoying it - but, I think ultimately, there was a little voice in me saying I didn't have the right singer, the right level of singer. And that's really when I met Rob. He sang one of the songs, and he just blew it away. I thought: 'OK, this is it.'" Circa Zero's upcoming album, Circus Hero, hits March 25.

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