Miley Cyrus Fleetwood Mac Classic 'Landslide'

Miley Cyrus covered the Fleetwood Mac classic "Landslide" at a recent Bangerz tour stop in Oakland. Cyrus covered other songs during the set including Dolly Parton's "Jolene" and Outkast's "Hey Ya!"

According to Idolator, Cyrus regularly covered the F-Mac tune on her Gypsy Heart tour. The Oakland performance marks the first time she's brought it out in two years.

During an L.A. concert last week, Miley raised eyebrows by kissing fellow pop star Katy Perry.

Miley was performing her latest hit "Adore You" at the February 22 show at the Staples Center when she spotted Perry in the front row of the show. She leaned across the stage and kissed Perry, who reciprocated the smooch and before pulling away laughing as fans recorded the moment.

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