Rod Stewart Says He Had Kids In Each Of The Last Five Decades

Rod Stewart has hit an unusual parenting mile stone by fathering children in each of the last five decades. The rock legend pointed out the paternal statistic earlier this week in a post to his official Twitter feed. He hit the site on January 25:

"Anyone else have a child in each of the last 5 decades? 60s Sarah 70s Kim 80s Sean, Ruby 90s Renee, Liam 00s Alastair, Aiden."

And though it seems there are few celebs to have reached the milestone, one of his fans jokingly replied that he had adopted a different brand of beer in each decade:

"I've had a mild in each decade: 60s Fairy Liquid, 70s Manakin, 80s Theakstons, 90s Weather 00s Sunstroke," replied fan Simon Donald.

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