Smokey Robinson Says That 'Social Media Is Out Of Hand'

If you ask Smokey Robinson, the social media craze has gotten out of control.

"Social media is running rampant," he said at the National Association of Music Merchants convention. "We could get to the point where without those phones or iPads or whatever kids are texting or typing on, they (young people) won't even know how to communicate, how to sit down and have a conversation with each other verbally."

Though Robinson owns a substantial following across social media (300,000 Facebook likes, 75,000 Twitter followers), he says he doesn't chronicle everything he does because of the dangers involved.

"I don't want someone to know I'm sitting at such and such restaurant. That could be dangerous. Or see people Twittering that we're going on a vacation - that lets your house turn into prey. I don't believe in it."

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