Joe Perry Joins Cast Of Indie Film Cottonwood

Joe Perry, guitarist for Aerosmith, has been cast in the upcoming film Cottonwood. Perry will star in the role of Joe Walker, a character of which not too many details have been revealed:

"I look forward to Joe's role in the film, as well as his contribution to the soundtrack," said producer Julie Campbell in a press release.

Perry added: "I found the screenplay to be very compelling and thought it was a wonderful character-driven story. Although dark at times, the surprise ending made the story resonate with the reader, and I feel it will do the same for the moviegoing audience. I look forward to the role of Joe Walker."

The indie film, also co-produced by Perry, features Anthony Michael Hall, Louis Gossett, Jr. and Alison Eastwood in a film centered on "two families thrown together by tragedy and the bounds of racial injustice."

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