LeAnn Rimes Witnesses Plane Crash In Aspen

LeAnn Rimes witnessed a devastating plane wreck at the airport in Aspen, Colorado, while awaiting a flight on Sunday. The singer was just one of the celebs at the airport when the plane came down, hitting the runway and bursting in flames.

"So sad! Horrible plane crash we just saw happen at the Aspen airport," she wrote on Twitter after seeing the crash.

Rimes and her family were on their way to Los Angeles when they saw the crash. Upon landing in L.A., she hit Twitter again to update her followers:

"Counting our blessings even more so after seeing a tragedy & driving 7 hrs to Denver through tons of snow and traffic. Would have missed our flight if it wasn't delayed. We are being watched over, that's for sure."

Actor Kevin Nealon also witnessed the wreck, writing on Twitter that "I can't imagine there are survivors."

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