Boston's Tom Scholz Says There Are More Recordings Featuring Brad Delp

Boston's Tom Scholz has revealed that there are more recordings featuring late singer Brad Delp beyond the band's forthcoming studio album Life, Love & Hope.

"There are other recordings," Scholz told Ultimate Classic Rock. "I'm not planning on releasing anything else that I have that I think he would be happy with as far as songs that I've written that he's on. [But] there are certainly live recordings that have things that we did onstage that aren't on any album and that is certainly a possibility for the future."

Scholz added that he thinks Delp would be happy to know that his vocals are appearing on another Boston album:

"Of course he did the singing on the songs, knowing that they were headed for a Boston album. I would think that if he were alive today and I didn't use them, I think he would have been quite unhappy."

Life, Love and Hope will be released Dec. 3.

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