Stevie Nicks Claims Prince Wanted Romance With Her

Fleetwood Mac fronter Stevie Nicks says that Prince invited her to the studio to help on his cut "Purple Rain" in 1984, adding that she believes the Purple One had something besides music making on his mind at the time.

Speaking with Mojo, Nicks says she still has the demo cassette of the cut:

"I told him: 'Prince, I've listened to this a hundred times but I wouldn't know where to start. It's a movie - it's epic. The olive branch of him giving me that cassette was huge; but I think he would have liked a romance with me too."

She added that the two went on a wild ride after a F-Mac concert, but that nothing else happened:

"We get into his purple Camaro and bomb out onto the freeway at 100 miles an hour. I'm terrified - but kind of excited too."

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