Jessie J Kicks Off Mini-Arena Tour

Jessie J kicked off her mini-arena tour earlier this week with a show at London's O2 Arena. She played a second show there the following night and has three more dates ahead of her: Manchester's Phones 4u Arena (November 1 and 2), and Liverpool's Echo (Novermber 4).

Speaking with the Manchester Evening News ahead of her gigs there, J says her sophomore album, Alive, shows who she really is as a person and a performer:

"It's exactly the record I wanted to make at this moment," she began.

"My mum always said the most sexy thing you can have is confidence. Alive is more me, there's a sense I'm more relaxed, practised. Everything I did on the first album I was doing for the first time; now, I've really learnt what makes me feel good and to enjoy what I'm doing, and I've learnt how to promote and present it live."

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