Carrie Underwood Performs 'Yesterday' At The Emmys

Carrie Underwood took to the stage for a rendition of "Yesterday" during the Emmy Awards ceremony on Sunday night. Her performance of the Beatles' classic was introduced by actor Don Cheadle, who reflected on the importance of the television in the 1960s.

"On Feb. 9, 1964, it was almost as though the dark cloud was suddenly lifted," he began.

"Four young men from Liverpool invaded the stage of The Ed Sullivan Show and in just two minutes and 40 seconds told us it was OK to begin to experience joy again. Actually, they didn't just tell us, they screamed it to 73 million captivated viewers," he continued.

He concluded: "Just as Ed Sullivan introduced new artists to Americans audiences, TV continues to be a starting place for superstar musical talent. This next performer's rise to six time Grammy-winning status began in your living rooms. With her tribute to the historic events of 50 years ago, Carrie Underwood."

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