Tim McGraw To Star In Disney's Tomorrowland

Tim McGraw has been added to the cast of Tomorrowland, a Disney-produced film from director Brad Bird. In the flick, George Clooney plays a former boy genius inventor who, along with precocious teenager Britt Robinson, goes on a danger-filled adventure to unlock secrets of a mysterious place called Tomorrowland.

McGraw's role in the film has not yet been elaborated, but he'll join previously confirmed actors Hugh Laurie and Riff Cassidy.

McGraw has had successful roles in the past - including the Texas high school football drama Friday Night Lights, and the 2009 film The Blind Side - but reckons that his music career always comes first.

"I have to find a script that's going to be done within the window," he said. "It's a two- or three-month commitment to a movie when you decide to do one, not to mention the preparation before. You don't want to shortchange anybody."

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