Kings Of Leon Speak On Creative Process For New Album

Kings of Leon have opened up about the making of their forthcoming release, Mechanical Bull, saying the creative process took them back to their roots as songwriters.

After mixed reviews for 2010's Come Around Sundown, the band say they wrote much of the latest LP like they wrote their first:

"This record, we had to go back to the blueprint of what we did on our first album, when we locked ourselves in a house and rolled the dice," Nathan Followill tells Rolling Stone.

He adds that they also took some time to share musical influences with one another:

"We'd go in every day and play stuff we were into, and it was interesting hearing what people were into. There are a couple songs that could be considered country ballads, even though they're not country songs. One song has more of a Queens of the Stone Age feel. Another one sounds more like Sly and the Family Stone. It's all across the board."

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