Paul McCartney To Regain Rights To Beatles Songs

Paul McCartney may soon regain the publishing rights to many of the Beatles most beloved songs. Macca famously lost the rights to much of the Fab Four's back catalog to Michael Jackson in an auction. According to the 1976 U.S. Copyright Act, however, McCartney will regain the rights in five years.

That act stipulates that the rights to any songs written before 1978 will return to the songwriter after 56 years. In five more years that will entitle Sir Paul to regain ownership of many Beatles classics including "Yesterday" and "Let It Be."

Jackson paid $47.5 million for the rights of between 160-200 Beatles songs in the 1985 auction. A source close to McCartney says he's never gotten over it:

"Paul's been fuming for decades. It's as much personal as business. Now he'll get back what's rightfully his," the source tells The Sun.

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