Debbie Rowe To Testify About Michael Jackson's Shocking Drug Use

Debbie Rowe is set to testify in the highly publicized Michael Jackson wrongful death case testimony that could damage the Jackson's case.

Sources connected with the trial tell TMZ that Rowe will be called to the stand by AEG Live next week to testify that 'in the '80s and '90s she knew Michael was abusing some prescription meds, but had no idea his habit was so out of control.' Sources also claim that Rowe will point the finger at her former boss Arnie Klein. Rowe will also testify that 'she learned after the fact that Klein had a standing order when Michael came to the office he should be injected with Demerol and Vistaril (which makes the Demerol stronger).'

According to TMZ, Rowe will also 'say Michael kept the extent of his drug abuse a secret from her -- something that will clearly help AEG, because the company is arguing it had no reason to know Michael was a drug abuser.'

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