Katy Perry Beats Out Lady Gaga For Most Followed Female On Twitter

Katy Perry has knocked Lady Gaga off her perch as the most followed female on Twitter, according to HELLO! Online, who surveyed Twitter's 10 most followed individuals.

Perry has overtaken Gaga with 39,883,873 followers to Gaga's 39,305,376. Regardless, both ladies remains over 2.4 million followers behind Justin Bieber, who has 42,330,850 followers.

Gaga has not tweeted since the beginning of February, and has changed her Twitter profile avatar back to the default egg picture, supposedly as part of a marketing stunt to promote her upcoming fourth album, ARTPOP.

President Barack Obama (34,538,368) and Taylor Swift (31,364,915) round out the top five of the most followed celebrities on Twitter. Also making the top ten was Rihanna (30,781,719), Britney Spears (29,728,038), Justin Timberlake (23,285,501), Shakira (21,467,450) and Jennifer Lopez (21,399,310).

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