Aerosmith's Tom Hamilton Ran Into Trouble With Obscene Beanie Babies

Tom Hamilton, bassist for Aerosmith, says his idea backfired for X-rated Beanie Babies, which he dubbed Obscenies. He had his vision realized but got in trouble when his son took one of the stuffed creatures to school.

"I have a character named 'Scrotilla The Hun' who is a rampaging d*ck. I have a character named Robin Redbreasts who has breast implants," he told Legendary Rock Interviews.

He added that he first planned to sell them commercially, but may now settle for chucking them from the stage during concerts, following an incident with his young son.

"Right now I am thinking I will toss them from the stage," he said. "Actually, my son got into the box of them and took some to school and got in trouble . . . and then I got in trouble."

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