Coldplay Praised For 'Experimental Music Tastes' By Jon Hopkins

Jon Hopkins says that Coldplay have "very experimental" musical tastes, praising frontman Chris Martin for being a fan of both Battles and Hudson Mohawke.

"I'd come in one day and Chris will be talking about this amazing new Hudson Mohawke record and he's a massive Battles fan," the London music producer and musician told NME.

"When the album came out in 2007 he was going to see them all the time. It's not a well-known thing but they've got very experimental music taste."

Hopkins, who worked with the band on their last two albums--2008's Viva La Vida and Mylo Xyloto in 2011--also opened up on the group's recording process:

"I was invited to meet them by Brian Eno and he brought me in one day to jam with them because he felt it might excite their studio practice having new players around. We all got on really well and spent four months working on the Viva La Vida album. They're brilliant guys and they've got a very, very open taste in music."

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