Alicia Keys Releases 'Tears Always Win' Video

Alicia Keys has released the music video for "Tears Always Win," the Bruno Mars-written single from her album, Girl on Fire. The vid features Keys playing a Vegas show girl.

After her showgirl set, Keys goes to her second job as a lounge singer, but when the night is over and the lights go down, she's left crying in her motel room, remembering the man she's missing.

"It's a girl and her working two jobs and she's got all these things going on," Keys told MTV.

"But the whole time, she's totally distracted because she's only thinking about how she feels [about her ex], almost at the point [where] you're thinking about the person, but you're also thinking about, kind of, your loneliness and how you feel. How're you gonna get through it?"

"Tears Always Win" is the fifth single from Girl on Fire.

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