Taylor Swift Dines With Lena Dunham In Rhode Island

Taylor Swift, who recently bought a new home in Rhode Island, was spotted out at the state's Olympia Tea Room with Lena Dunham, writer and actress in the HBO hit series Girls.

According to Life & Style, the two were rolling with Ed Sheeran, who joined Swift on "Everything Has Changed," Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit), Jack Antonoff (fun.) and Jessica Szohr (Gossip Girls).

"I've always been really blown away by how she's so young - she's in her mid 20s - and she does all these things. She creates so much. When I found out she listens to my music, it absolutely floored me. It made my day, honestly," Swift has previously said of Dunham.

Dunham has returned the compliment, saying that there is "something sort of affectionate and non-judgmental about her music that I appreciate."

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