Billy Joel Releases Recent Live Clips

Billy Joel is doling out footage of his recent performance at the New Orleans Jazz Fest, dropping one song per week over the next month. He has already released the first song, "Miami 2017," to his website.

The Piano Man, who recently announced his retirement from touring, also sat down for an interview with New York Times Magazine and said he thinks it's a good time to hang it up.

"I haven't worked for three years," he said. "I'm going to play in Australia. I want to see how it feels to work again, I want to see if I think I'm still any good, because if I'm not any good, I'd consider retiring. If I don't think I'm any good, I don't care how much I can make, I don't care how many people want me to, I'm going to stop doing it. It has to be fun. You have to feel good about it."

In addition to his Australian show, Joel has a November 1 gig at Dublin's O2 Arena scheduled.

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