Beyoncé's Bottom Slapped By Male Fan At Concert

A fan in Copenhagen, Denmark slapped Beyoncé on the rear end during her performance of "Irreplaceable" at the city's the Forum. Fan shot video, currently streaming on YouTube, features Bey offering the man a mic during the chorus.

"To the left, to the left, everything you own in the box to the left," he sang before Bey withdrew the microphone, turning around to go back upstage. While she did so the man slapped her on the bottom.

"I will have you escorted out of here now . . . all right?" Bey warns the man before cutting back into the tune.

Beyoncé next played a performance in Stockholm, Sweden on Tuesday night, before heading to Antwerp, Belgium for the gig she canceled due to dehydration and exhaustion. It was that cancelation that got rumors started of her second pregnancy.

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