Jessie J Finishes Second Studio Album

Jessie J hit Twitter to tell her fans that her new album is done: "ALL songs & vocals for album 2 are now complete. WOW!!!!! What a journey!" The revelation garnered a host of 'favorites' and 'retweets' from her 'followers.'

She later added some pertinent deets:

"So in the last 10 days. I shot my first video. Finished my 2nd album. Shot the album cover and have seen the first edit of the first single!"

"Now to finish production. Mix it. Master it. Put it on a CD ...and share it with all u amazing heartbeats [fans]. Not long now!"

J has not added what the LP will be called nor told fans when it will be released.

"Mystery is so rare now, most music is leaked these days," she said. "I am enjoying the build-up to my second album."

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