Rod Stewart Shares Personal Details About His Life And Manhood

Rod Stewart took to Twitter recently for a no-holds barred question and answer session with his fans.

The session was so no holds barred that one fan asked a question about Stewart's manhood.

"Not big . just pretty," Stewart said in response to a question about his genitals. "So my wife says."

Other revelations from the session were that Stewart and Ron Wood recently discussed a collaboration, the most memorable gig he's had was in Rio de Janeiro in 1998, he and Penny have had sex in a cemetery, he'd love to duet with Elton John, he believes in sex before marriage, he enjoys porridge and sardines on toast for breakfast and he doesn't know where your car keys are.

ABC News reports that one fan sarcastically asked "Why did you break up the Faces to become a leopard print legging wearing, fake Scottish a***hole covers artist?," to which the singer responded, "Eat your heart out!"

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