Stevie Nicks Says Her Last Album Didn't Sell Well

Stevie Nicks has opened up about her recent solo release, In Your Dreams, admitting that sales have been lackluster. She spoke on the sales figures with CTV, saying that she too has suffered at the hands of decreasing record sales:

"I didn't sell a lot of records, you guys. For me, for a big act like moi, I didn't. Worldwide I probably sold 300,000 records. It's awesome if you're an unknown artist and you have a hit single, but it's not really that awesome if you're Stevie Nicks."

Stevie is currently on tour with Fleetwood Mac, which, according to her, is a different animal than her solo shows:

"Fleetwood Mac's much more sophisticated and grown up. And my show is just like a big slumber party in an auditorium."

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