Taylor Swift Meets Cancer-Stricken Fan Kevin McGuire At ACM Awards

Last year, after Taylor Swift offered a date to the ACM awards to cancer survivor Kevin McGuire, the young man had to turn it down due to a chemo-induced fever; but, this year, he was finally able to meet the country singer.

McGuire met Swift backstage at the 48th annual event, and, speaking with the Courier Post, said he told her that she inspired him in his struggle with the sickness:

"I just wanted to be able to thank her for everything she's done for me and my family. When you're told you have cancer again, just giving me something to look forward (to), to feel special, was enough."

McGuire initially asked Swift to his prom last year, which, due to scheduling conflicts, she could not make, prompting her to offer him the ACM invite.

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