Spin Doctors Return To Roots With New Album, If The River Was Whiskey

Spin Doctors are set to return to their blues-rock roots with the release of their sixth studio album, If The River Was Whiskey, due out this May.

"We all have a very deep reverence for the blues," frontman Chris Barron said on the band's website. "It's the music that really is the roots of all we do."

"Last year, when we were performing Pocket Full of Kryptonite for the 20th Anniversary, we wanted to play 'deep cuts' in the encore. When we asked some of our fans over there which tunes they wanted to hear, to our surprise, they wanted to hear the old blues stuff. Well . . . we had such a good time playing it, and it sounded so good, that we toyed around with the idea of making a blues record."

If the River Was Whiskey is the Spin Doctors' first studio release since 2005's Nice Talking To Me.

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