Lady Gaga Promoters Demand Payment For Gig Canceled Due To Threat Of Terror Plot

Lady Gaga concert promoters are demanding payment for a canceled gig in Indonesia which was called off due to fears of a terrorist scheme.

She was scheduled to play a show in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta last summer, but it was canceled after Islamic groups in the country expressed opposition to her "vulgar" style and made various threats towards her.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, promoters Live Nation LGTours, Mermaid Touring and the Atom Factory have filed suit against insurance provider Lloyds Of London, alleging that the insurers breached their "Terrorism Policy," which promises reimbursement for the "ascertained net loss" for gigs forfeited because of "the sole and direct result of Terrorism and/or Sabotage or Threat."

They are reportedly seeking at least $75,000 to cover losses and have reportedly accused Lloyds Of London of "despicable conduct that subjected Plaintiffs to cruel and unjust hardship in conscious disregard of the Plaintiffs rights . . ."

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