Former Temptation Richard Street Dies At 70

Former Temptations member Richard Street has died, his widow Cindy Street told CNN Entertainment. The 70-year-old singer died early Wednesday at St. Rose Dominican Hospital in Las Vegas.

Street experienced back pain and breathing difficulties Friday, and, when he went to the hospital, doctors found he had a clot in his lung.

"He was really fighting for his life," she said. "He's a fighter."

He is the second former Temptation to die last month. Singer Damon Harris died February 18 in Baltimore.

"They're dancing up there in heaven, him and Damon," Street said. "I'm in disbelief right now."

"He was part of black history," she added. "He was always proud of that. He sang on a lot of those classic songs: 'Papa Was a Rollin' Stone,' 'Hey Girl,' 'Heavenly,' 'Superstar,' 'Masterpiece.'"

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