No Doubt Postpone 2013 Touring To Record New Album

No Doubt have decided to delay their 2013 tour plans in order to get to work in the studio on new material. The band explained the decision in a Facebook post on the group's page, saying that, while on their last tour promoting Push and Shove, their first album in ten years, Gwen Stefani became "inspired to write new music."

"In December, around the time of our hometown shows, we discussed the idea of starting 2013 by getting back into the studio together," the Facebook post continued. "We did so in January and the new music started flowing with unexpected ease. After spending three years recording the last album, this new pace feels incredibly exciting."

"We have decided to follow our muse for the time being and focus on this new music that we don't want to stop."

The band has already begun posting pictures to their Facebook account of them at work in a Los Angeles studio.

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