Steven Tyler And Mick Fleetwood Lobby Legislature For Stronger Privacy Laws

Aerosmith fronter Steven Tyler and Fleetwood Mac drummer Mick Fleetwood were spotted in Hawaii recently, where they arrived to lobby legislators to pass Senate Bill 465, also known as The Steven Tyler Act, which would make privacy laws for celebrities more stringent.

At the hearing, Tyler admitted that lack of privacy comes with the territory of stardom, but that there also should be limits:

"It's part of the dealio. But when I'm in my own home, and I'm taking a shower, or changing my clothes, or eating, or spending time with my children and I see paparazzi shooting at me with lenses this long, and then see that very picture in People magazine, it hurts."

The act would make it a civil tort to "capture or intend to capture, in a manner that is offensive to a reasonable person, through any means a visual image, sound recording, or other physical impression of another person while that person is engaging in a personal or familial activity with a reasonable expectation of privacy."

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