Mick Fleetwood Told To Stop Trying To Get Christine McVie To Return

News of Fleetwood Mac's impending tour has been circulating for some time, and along with it came the question whether Christine McVie would re-join her old bandmates.

McVie initially responded in the negative, prompting Mick Fleetwood to publically say that he might be able to convince her to change her mind. Now, Mick, speaking with The Telegraph, says he's been asked to cease his appeals to her:

"I've had to agree to stop asking her," he said, according to the paper. He did not elaborate on what convinced him to do so.

"We miss her and love her, and I hope I'm a part in persuading her to return," Mick told The Sun just last week. "She's going to come and stay for three weeks in Maui - I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it. John's going to come over from Honolulu to see her. And then she's going to LA to see Stevie, who misses her terribly and is really excited to see her. But it'll be her decision."

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