Beyoncé Super Bowl Director Reveals He Felt 'Blind Panic' Before Performance

Although for viewers at home Beyoncé's Super Bowl performance appeared to go off without a hitch, for its director, Hamish Hamilton, the halftime spectacular was a heart attack waiting to happen.

In an interview with The Guardian, Hamilton says before the show he was gripped by a "blind panic":

"We had technical issues. We had a camera on air that just decided to fall off its mount - I've never had that happen before - but it is the Super Bowl, and we covered it up beautifully."

He added that the 30 minute game-delaying black-out was "categorically" not the fault of Lady Bey or her producers:

"It had nothing to do with us," he noted of the outage, which occurred just minutes after Bey's performance came to a successful close.

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