Miley Cyrus Featured In 'Twisted' Video With Lil' Kim And Tiffany Foxx

Miley Cyrus popped up on the set of up-and-coming rapper Tiffany Foxx's video for her track "Twisted." Foxx is mentored by Lil Kim, and Cyrus was captured in a picture featuring all three of the lovely ladies.

"@LilKim follows me. I think that's the only thing in the world that could've made me smile . . . Thanks Lil Kim ?," Cyrus tweeted to her 11.2 million followers after the shoot.

In the meantime, Cyrus has her own new album to work on-an album she is calling her "biggest" to date. She is working with Pharrell Williams on the new album, which he says "will sound unlike anything she's done before" and that "it's nowhere near what it is that you think."

However, Cyrus adds that it is not a hip-hop record: "I'm not trying at all to be a Rihanna or a Nicki [Minaj] . . . That's not my vibe."

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