Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman's Children Have Unique Accents

In a recent interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Nicole Kidman sat down to talk about her kids and family life with country superstar and Australian hubby, Keith Urban.

One revelation Kidman made was that her kids have unique accents - a blend of Southern and Aussie dialects:

"They have a mix of Australian and Southern, which is really cute," she said. "My mom always says, 'I can't understand her!' Because she says 'hey y'all' to her grandparents."

Kidman added that she hopes her children follow in their daddy's footsteps:

"The great thing about being married to a musician . . . you have music in the house all the time, so there is something very joyful about having music," she said. "Keith can play pretty much any instrument, so he'll just play piano at 7 in the morning, and we have breakfast around the piano. It's very much a part of our life."

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