LeAnn Rimes Releases Emotional 'Borrowed' Video

LeAnn Rimes must have went through a lot during her affair with now-husband Eddie Cibran, and she has chosen her music video for "Borrowed" as the vehicle to express those difficult feelings.

The emotional ballad details what Rimes was personally going through during the affair. The "Borrowed" clip begins with Rimes in a recording studio, belting out the sad lyrics to the song. While backup vocalists and musicians look on, the country singer gets lost in the memories that inspired her to write the song.

"I actually carried that lyric, 'I know you're not mine, only borrowed,' around with me for about eight months," she admitted on the Tonight Show last month.

"I was afraid that if I wrote it, I would have to write it so honestly that I would offend, more so than I already had, everyone. This is the truth, this is how I felt, and there's no beauty in it," she said.

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