Paul McCartney Tour Rider Bans Meat And Leather

A rider from a 2002 Paul McCartney tour has been obtained by Smoking Gun, and, not surprisingly the list of backstage requests stipulates that there are "no meat, or meat by-products . . . allowed to be served in the dressing rooms, production offices, or areas within the 'backstage area'."

In addition, says the rider, Macca will not travel in limos with leather seats, or sit in any furniture that uses animal skins or prints.

Sir Paul is also fussy when it comes to floral arrangements. He requests in the document bouquets of white lillies, white and pink roses, two arrangements of freesia, as well as weeping eucalyptus, loose gardenias, two gardenia pot plants and a bunch of wild flowers.

"Paul McCartney is very fond of flowers . . . It is very important you use a florist that is reputable," reads the rider.

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