Daughtry Donating Funds To Benefit Families Of Newtown School Shooting Victims

Chris Daughtry is doing his part to help victims of the Newtown, Conn. school shooting by donating the proceeds of the sales from one of his band's latest songs to the victims' families.

"Gone Too Soon," taken from his latest studio album Break the Spell, can be purchased via Monkeybars.net/Daughtry. One hundred percent of the proceeds will go towards the Connecticut School Shooting Victims Fund, a find established by fellow pop-rockers OneRepublic. Fans may also make additional donations via the site. So far, the fund has raised $100,000.

"The song was originally written about someone losing a child before he or she is born, and we've gotten so many amazing comments from people from everywhere about how it's helped them through similar situations," Daughtry said of "Gone Too Soon" in a new video clip. "And I just felt very strongly that this song could be used to help benefit the families."

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