Andy Summers Says Diddy 'Ripped Off' The Police

Andy Summers of the Police says Diddy made the "major rip-off of all time" with his 1997 track "I'll Be Missing You." The track features a sample of Summers' classic guitar line from the Police single "I'll Be Watching You," and Summers says he had no idea the riff would be used.

"I found out about it after it was on the radio," Summers tells the A.V. Club. "It was actually my kid, who was 10 at the time, said, 'Hey dad, there's some girl on the radio who's playing you guys!' I went into his room and listened to his radio, and I was like, 'This is me, what the f**k is this?'"

Andy adds it was even more unusual for him than other members of the band:

"He actually sampled my guitar, and that's what he based his whole track on," he notes. "Stewart's not on it. Sting's not on it. I'd be walking round Tower Records, and the f-ing thing would be playing over and over. It was very bizarre while it lasted."

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