Coldplay To Auction Date With Bass Player For Charity

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has revealed plans to auction off a date with the band's bassist Guy Berryman for charity. The group has recently been working with the charity Kid Company, an organization for which Martin says the band is hoping to raise 1 million.

"A date with our bass player would be worth a million or more, specifically a night with our bass player," Martin told The Sun. "You know the film Indecent Proposal? For next year's fundraiser we're thinking of something like that."

Martin adds that Berryman is by far the best looking of the band members:

"My entire life is spent trying to push him forward at photoshoots. He's our packaging, he's a handsome bastard. None of us pretend that if he wasn't in the band we'd be as popular. He's responsible for all our calendar sales."

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