Toni Braxton Talks About Bankruptcy, Playboy And Health On 20/20

Toni Braxton, who is currently facing a host of legal and financial problems, sat down for an interview on ABC's 20/20 on November 30 to discuss her troubles and her future.

At the moment, she said she is thinking about doing a spread for Playboy to help with the bills:

"There's nothing wrong with doing Playboy," she said. "The women are beautiful. I thought about it. The money was tempting, but I'm thinking, I have kids, I have a son, I have boys. What are their friends going to say? 'I saw Denim and Diesel's mom's knockers.' That's not a good thing."

In part, Braxton noted, the financial troubles were caused by her impulsive spending habits - something she has brought under control:

"I have to monitor myself 'cause I'm definitely on a budget," she said.

Finally, she opened up on how she had to nearly cancel a Las Vegas residency after being diagnosed with Microvascular angina:

"The doctor told me I would never be able to perform," said Toni, who defeated the odds.

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