Lady Antebellum Releases Hilarious New 'Aunt B' Webisode

Lady Antebellum's Aunt Bella (Aunt B for short), the whiskey-swilling aunt of singer Charles Kelley, thinks she can sing better than her nephew, something she tries hard to prove in the trio's latest webisode.

In the latest clip, released this past Wednesday, Aunt B compares her own holiday album to Lady A's On This Winter's Night, and tries to prove why she's the real "lady" of the group.

It's clear that Aunt B is not a big Lady A fan, and in fact loves to spread ugly rumors about Charles and his bandmates Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood:

"I've heard all kinds of stories: Hillary 'Skank' . . . Dave hates babies. And that Charles, he's like a giraffe."

You can follow Aunt B on Twitter @ladyauntb.

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