Brian McKnight Teams Up With Colbie Caillat

Brian McKight wrote the title track for his new album, "Words," with country star Colbie Caillat. Speaking with Billboard on the collab, McKnight admitted he had no idea who Caillat was before composing the track with her:

"We were on a plane together, and I didn't realize who she was 'cause I don't know anybody's face," he said. "We started talking, then she came by my house and we wrote this really great tune."

Speaking on his first album since Just Me (2011), McKnight said he has a newfound sense of artistic freedom:

"I was no longer going to try to hinder myself to what I thought was going to be on the radio. I went back and listened to the first three albums I made and tried to figure out what was special about them, why people keep going back to them."

Words is due sometime in 2013.

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