REO Speedwagon Going Country?

It seems as though REO Speedwagon could be trading in their classic rock sounds for something a bit more country on their upcoming new record.

The band's sound might migrating south because, according to The Tennessean, they recently took a trip to Nashville to record the first song for their upcoming album. Frontman Kevin Cronin even co-wrote "Nothing We Can't Rise Above" with country-music producer Chris Lindsey and Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain.

"I got turned on by this title, and Cain had written something in a political way, and when I heard it, I went to a different place with it," Cronin said. "I tend to like to write about relationships [and what makes them] work or fall apart, so that's the direction the song took."

Cronin added that he felt totally comfortable in the Nashville scene:

"I've always loved Nashville. As a songwriter, this is my home away from home."

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