Bruno Mars Releases 'Young Girls'

Bruno Mars has released "Young Girls," the latest single from his forthcoming sophomore record, Unorthodox Jukebox. Mars, who debuted the track on Saturday Night Live last month, sings of his susceptibility to feminine wiles on the new joint:

"Oh you young wild girls, you make a mess of me/ Yeah you young wild girls, you'll be the death of me," sings the hopeless romantic.

Mars, who recently sat down with Billboard to discuss the new LP, says making it gave him the chance to record the music he wanted:

"This album represents my freedom . . . I want[ed] to have the freedom and luxury to walk into a studio and say, 'Today I want to do a hip-hop, R&B, soul or rock record'. "Young Girls," the opening track from Unorthodox Jukebox, is due December 11.

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