Hayden Panettiere Says Nashville Character Inspired By Carrie Underwood

Hayden Panettiere of ABC's new drama Nashville says that her character on the program is inspired partly by American Idol winner, Carrie Underwood:

"She's one of those girls that doesn't do the whole dancing-around-choreography thing but has that stage presence like no other. She can just stand there and be incredibly interesting," Panettiere told USA Today.

It was rumored that the character, who has some unflattering traits, was modeled on Taylor Swift, a charge that Panettiere played down: "Taylor's known to be a very nice person and handles herself well."

For her part, Swift says she digs the program: "I saw the pilot. It's amazing.' I think [Panettiere] did an incredible job of being sinister and adorable at the same time, and we had a hilarious conversation about it."

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