Green Day Pulls Out Of Voodoo Fest

Green Day has canceled its upcoming headlining appearance at the New Orleans Voodoo Festival. Drummer Tré Cool announced the news on the band's website:

"Canceling shows is something we rarely do . . . We never want to let our fans down, and we are grateful for all of you being understanding during this time."

The cancellation was perhaps unavoidable following an onstage breakdown by frontman Billie Joe Armstrong at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. Following the incident, during which Armstrong smashed his guitar and showered the audience in profanity, the singer checked himself into rehab in order to deal with his substance abuse problem.

The band had previously canceled most of their future shows, except (until now) the October 27 Voodoo Festival. On a more positive note, Green Day's new album ¡Uno! debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 last week, selling 139,000 copies and coming in second to Mumford & Sons' Babel.

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